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Group Executive AGM 2015

Exec Committee Set-up

You all all invited to attend our 2015 AGM

To comply with POR (Our Policy Organisation and Rules), to continue Scouting in Middleton St George we need to establish a working Group Executive Committee.  Election of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and other members of the Committee will take place at this AGM.

All member of the Community are welcome especially parents of current, past and future members.

We look forward to seeing you all there

Minutes from 2015 AGM

18th Darlington

(1st Middleton St George Scout Group)

Held 2nd June 2015 at 7.00pm


The Crib – Middleton St George Community Centre

Minutes of Meeting

Present:  Ruth Morris (GSL)

  • Current Exec:  - NA
  • Leaders:         Lorraine Copeland (Scouts), Stephen Duguid (Cubs) Steph Hamilton (YL)
  • Parents :        John Paul McQue, Andy Mason, Chris Grey, Gillian Richards, Catherine     Mann
  • Apologies:     Ian Walley (Scouts), Peter Dring (Beavers), Craig Stevens (YL)


1.            GSL welcomes everyone.  

Meeting commenced at 19.10 to allow any latecomers to attend.  RM welcomed everyone and gave special thanks for attendance as due to problems in the past the Group have been running with very limited Exec existence.  RM thanked JB as outgoing GSL for her past 20 years’ service to the Group and wished her well for the future.  Mrs B thanked the leaders for their hard work and commitment to the group during this time and especially over the last 12 difficult months with the group.


2.            Secretary – Apologies for absence

There was no Secretary in post at this time so      apologies listed were from GSL.

3.            Minutes of the last AGM

RM - explained the difficulties and lack of Exec in the past and that there hence there were no previous minutes. There was therefore no acceptance of previous minutes.     

4.            Matters arising from the Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

As there was no previous minutes available there were no matters arising.


5.            GSL invites the County Representative to speak

There has been non arranged due to previous issues (No AGM)


6.            District Commissioner – presentation of awards etc.

DC not in attendance – No Awards – Compass is currently offline so no award info available.


7.            Annual Report


7.1       GSL asks for acceptance of the Annual Report for 2014/15.

Non available therefore NA


7.2       Financial Report.  –

            Finance breakdown was available and passed around for perusal. 

GSL asks for acceptance.

 8.            Nomination for the Executive Committee “Officers”


8.1       GSL proposes the nomination of Chair

Judith Barnett was proposed as Chair by the GSL, this was seconded by Mr McQue, carried unanimously.


8.2          Chairperson proposes the election of Treasurer  

As there had been no nominations prior to the AGM, nominations were asked from the floor, Mr McQue agreed to stand, and this was seconded by GR and agreed unanimously.


8.3          Chairman proposes the election of Secretary

As there had been no nominations prior to the AGM, nominations were asked from the floor, Mrs Richards agreed to stand, and this was seconded by CM and agreed unanimously


8.4          Chairman proposes the election of the Independent Scrutineer

Again as no nomination had been received then the GSL recommended that Carol Battison remain as the Independent Scrutineer until further notice. 

9          Executive Committee


9.1       Chairman ask for nominations as again none had been received

Mr Hume and Mr Mann (who was nominated in his absence by Mrs Mann), agreed to become members of the Committee


9.2       Chairman confirms that uniformed leaders are entitled to attend Exec Meetings as ex-officio members.

            All leaders present indicated their intention to attend the Executive Committee meetings.


9.3       Co-opted Members

Samantha Bedingfield-Weller – has been co-opted to assist with the organisation and publicity of fundraising and PR events, as the MD of her company, SBW Management.


10        Date of Annual General Meeting next year

Next Year’s AGM has been set for 17th May 2016


11        Chairman closes the formal meeting, at 19.40

 Further Business discussed in the Informal part of tonight’s meeting:-


  • Proposal to change to Air Scout Group.

The GSL has been given a suggestion for improving membership of the Group, in particular the struggling Scout Section.  Following discussion with the youth members especially the Cub Section the proposal was to return the Group to an Air Scout Group. 

Durham Tees Valley was once an airfield and began its life as Royal Air Force Goosepool, and in 1941 became RAF Middleton St. George. The RAF left the station in 1964, but the aerodrome was reopened in 1966 as a civil airport. The airfield was named Teesside International Airport in the 1960s, and was renamed Durham Tees Valley Airport in 2004. In the late 1980s the entire Married Quarter estate was sold to a Roger Byron-Collins company and was renamed The Virginia Estate.

By becoming an Air Scout Group again will open up some further opportunities for our Scout Section in particular and may give something extra for Scouting when recruiting,  it is hoped to become affiliated to the RAF if we are successful in forming the Group.

Decision carried unanimously.


  • Proposal to meet during school holidays. – Carried Unanimously – further detail to follow as this may include some weekend and Mid-week trips. 
  • Building Committee – Mrs B is to make this a priority now as we need to move forward with the Church – RM & JB are seeing a solicitor on 17th June and Mrs B will arrange a meeting ASAP after this to move this forward. 

  • Fundraising Committee – This again is to become a Priority for the new Building and the equipment required for it.